The Power of Deep Linking on Search Rankings

deep links to improve rankingsDanny Wong, writing for, says you could be missing a huge element in your link building strategies entirely — namely, external deep linking. And you wouldn’t be alone. In his article “How External Deep Linking and More Content Can Boost Your Rankings“, he says that many businesses spend all their time optimizing their home page to rank for their high level keywords. As a result, all the external links go to the homepage, rather than supporting deeply-indexed pages.

Wong stresses that external deep linking has many benefits. First of all, it provides you with a more diverse link portfolio. The more links you have going to more pages, the more keywords you cover. In addition, links to deep pages increase rankings for medium- and long-tail keywords. Plus, by acquiring more traffic from these pages, your top-level rankings increase as well.

Wong also reminds us of the importance of continually creating unique content: “There is a direct correlation between better rankings and more indexed pages, as well as volume of links,” he says. In addition, he says that adding content benefits your SEO strategy in three ways. First, the more indexed pages you have, the more you are seen as a trusted source. Second, More pages means more opportunities for external links. Third, you have more opportunities to target long-tail keywords, which can increase both your traffic and search rankings.


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